With Panda Away For a Couple Weeks Dropbear Reviews the News

Dropbear is all alone for a couple weeks while Panda is away at a Top Secret acting gig so this will be a short episode with Dropbear and the incredible sock jingle created by Rob Mitchelson!

Dropbear —the ‘Urban Farmer’— has planted his hot pepper seeds and is anxiously awaiting his magic bean seeds from the Upper Canada Seed Bank, so in the mean time he bought some cyber-currency. There are challenges on Everest; tweens and teens in Saskatoon are out of control; and maybe, just maybe, there’s hope for a pipeline.

Our sponsors The Friday Sock Company and Make More Creative;
Emre Cords for our amazing theme music;
Doug de Nance for the dope promo;
and Rob Mitchelson for the insane jingles.