Dropbear (Michael Dargie) was recently interviewed by Calgary Arts Development in their ongoing series about ‘Living a Creative Life’. He talks about moving the studio to cSPACE King Edward—a creative hub in Calgary’s SouthWest—the variety of film and creative projects he and Panda are working on, and life in general as a creative person living their best life.

‘Here’s the weird thing. Everything I do is fun!’

There’s the Loose Moose game show ‘The Department of Moose Information’. Then there’s the struggle to find a direction for Dropbear and Panda’s documentary ‘Home for the Apocalypse’; followed by snapshots into some of the fun films Dropbear and Panda have created in the past and during the pandemic.

If you ever wanted to see what Dropbear does day-to-day this is a good look.