It’s Halloween 2021 and you know what that means – Dropbear & Panda are hiding out at home because it’s an absolute horror-show outside. It’s been one heck of a year, and it doesn’t need to be Halloween to be terrifying out there.

Special thanks to everyone who stepped up and added their voice to this project (in alphabetical order):

  • Mary “Make it Morbid” Armstrong
  • Jennifer “braaaaaaaaaains” Bain
  • Stuart “Bloody Bones” Bentley
  • Wakefield “WTF is that thing” Brewster
  • Brendan “Vampire” Hunter
  • Chengis “Chucky Doll” Javeri
  • Keith “The Crypt Keeper” Kollee
  • Bernie “Machete Massacre” MacLean
  • Grisly Garry MacLean
  • Doug De “Necronomicon” Nance
  • Beastly Barry Piercey
  • Tony “Tiny Terror” Whalen

Written and Directed by Jennifer MacLean
Edited by Michael Dargie
Hair and Makeup and More Hair by Newton MacLean.